Saturday, 10 October 2009

This is my first post

Welcome to my blog. It's called "Dreaming Wires" because I live in the city of dreaming spires - Oxford - and, erm, it's an electronic medium of communication. Also, I suppose, because I have always been interested in dreaming - my undergraduate dissertation, also written in Oxford but back in the 1990s, was on "Dreaming as Precognition in Lowland South America - and because as a cognitive anthropologist, I study the "wiring" of the human mind. I am also interested in social networks and the connections that hold human societies together. Plus, I worked in computer software for seven years so I have an interest in "wires" from that point of view too!

I've never had a blog before, and I was wondering what to write on it. Then it occurred to me that I go to all these fascinating talks in Oxford, so why not write about them? I'll also try to give my reactions to new and in-press articles that I read.